How It Works

First, choose how to generate your safe page by setting the Theme / Target URL field. Depending on what you choose, Comsign will pick the most appropriate tool. You may select a different tool if needed.

Here are the options:

  • Select a theme from a pre-defined list of the most common themes used by affiliate marketers
  • Enter your own theme or keywords, and Comsign will do its best to generate matching content
  • Enter a Google Play app URL, e.g.
  • Enter a URL of any other website, and Comsign will create a copy of that page

Second, select translation language to make it match the language of your target audience. Optionally add keywords that will be embedded into the page. You may also choose an Adspect stream, and Comsign will integrate it for you via Reverse PHP integration.

Finally, press the Generate button and wait for the preview to appear. If satisfied with it, hit the Download button to get a ZIP archive with your safe page.
Content keywords or target URL.
Language for automatic translation.
Keywords for embedding into the page. Separate with commas.
Domain name for embedding into terms of service, privacy policy, etc.
Stream for reverse PHP integration.
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Click Generate to generate a new page

Generated page preview will be displayed here.